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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Unsatisfactory Status and Your Right to Appeal

Unsatisfactory Status

A student whose status is determined to be unsatisfactory is not eligible to receive financial aid until he or she meets one of the following conditions:

  • Continues to attend St. Thomas at his or her own expense and returns to full compliance with all parts of the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy;
  • Submits an appeal (see below) documenting any extenuating circumstances which contributed to non-compliance;
  • Attend another institution and have credits transfer to St. Thomas to improve overall GPA and/or completion rate.

Right to Appeal

Students who have had financial aid suspended due to unsatisfactory academic progress may appeal to the Undergraduate Financial Aid Office. The appropriate appeal form should be submitted within 15 days of your receipt of notification of unsatisfactory progress and all relevant associated documentation should be received within one week of the submission of the appeal form. Students may appeal due to a special circumstance such as illness or injury of the student, death of a relative or other circumstance that results in undue hardship to the student as documented by a third-party professional such as a healthcare provider, counselor, cleric, lawyer, etc.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

Graduation Plan Form for Maxiumum Timeframe Appeals