Graduate Financial Aid Policies

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Financial aid recipients must make satisfactory academic progress in order to continue receiving financial aid. Your academic progress will be reviewed following the end of each term.

Withdrawal Policy

Federal financial aid recipients who withdraw from the university may need to return part or all of the funds they were awarded/paid. Before officially withdrawing from classes, we recommend that you contact the Graduate Financial Aid Office.

Certification/Approval of Loans Policy

Federal student loans are certified before/during enrollment and disbursed evenly over academic year. Private loans not certified unless for past due balances.

Code of Conduct Policy

The Graduate Financial Aid Office upholds ethical conduct, transparent lender lists and facilitates electronic promissory notes in compliance with federal regulations.

Cost of Attendance Budget Policy

While adjustments can be made on a case-by-case basis, financial assistance cannot exceed a student’s Cost of Attendance budget.

E-Mail Communication Policy

The Graduate Financial Aid Office communicates exclusively through the student’s official university email account for all financial aid matters.

Information Sharing Policy

Financial aid staff are prohibited by federal law from sharing personal identifying information contained in student files.

Law Students Visiting Away Policy

The Graduate Financial Aid Office arranges Consortium Agreements for student approved by the Law School Associate Dean to visit away at ABA-approved institutions.

Non-degree Student Policy

To qualify for federal financial aid, you must be enrolled in an eligible degree program and enrolled in courses required for that degree. Non-degree or certificate-seeking students may consider private educational loans for financial assistance.