Cost of Attendance Budget Policy

Can I receive financial assistance in excess of my Cost of Attendance Budget?

Students cannot receive financial assistance in excess of their Cost of Attendance budget as determined by the financial aid office. It isa policy to limit the total amount offinancial aid (scholarships, grants. loans, work study) a student may receive to not exceed the Cost of Attendance budget. Loans. if applicable, will be reduced first before any other gift aid (grants or scholarships). All students who receive funding in excess of the Cost of Attendance budget will be reviewed following the 10th day of each term. Adjustments may need to be made to keep total assistance within the Cost of Attendance Budget.

What is included in my Cost of Attendance budget?

Included in the Cost of Attendance budget are direct educational expenses such as average tuition*, required fees, and an estimate of the cost for books and supplies. Also included in the Cost of Attendance budget are expenses that are indirectly related to your education, such as an allowance for housing, food/household supplies, transportation and personal miscellaneous expenses.

* A financial aid administrator can use their professional judgment to adjust the tuition allowance to include actual vs. average tuition on a case by case basis.