Catalog of Record

The catalog in effect at the time of matriculation is usually considered the catalog of record and determines the student's graduation requirements. However, a student may wish to choose a later catalog if degree requirements change, and the student would like to take advantage of those changes. Generally speaking, the student may choose any catalog in force during the time the student is enrolled for a degree.

Choosing a new catalog means accepting all changes in that catalog. If there is a change in core curriculum requirements, for example, the student will be responsible for those changes or will need to petition for a waiver. Students should contact Academic Counseling If they wish to change their catalog of record.

Commencement Ceremony

A single commencement ceremony is held in May for all students earning an undergraduate degree each year. Students who complete degree requirements at the end of summer, fall, January, and spring terms participate in the May ceremony following the term in which requirements are completed.

Undergraduate students with senior status who are in good academic standing may choose to participate in a commencement ceremony prior to or after completing all degree requirements. Students may only participate in one commencement ceremony, and that ceremony must be within one academic year of their graduation.

Committee on Undergraduate Studies

The Committee on Studies is charged with interpreting the general academic requirements of the undergraduate program and has the authority to grant exceptions and waivers when warranted. The committee is composed of elected faculty members and a representative from Academic Counseling.

Students begin the petition process by visiting the Director of Retention and Student Success in the Center for Student Achievement.

Requests concerning major or minor field requirements should be addressed to the appropriate department chair.

Date of Graduation

Degrees are awarded at the end of fall, January, spring, and summer terms. The date of graduation will be the last day of the term in which a student is registered. The degree will not be awarded until the student completes all degree requirements. To be considered completed, all courses must have final grades. An Incomplete (I) or a Not Reported (NR) grade is not considered a final grade and must be changed before the degree will be awarded.


One diploma is awarded for each degree earned. Diplomas are distributed to graduates after the university has verified that all requirements for graduation have been met. This may be several weeks after commencement. Diplomas will be sent to the graduate's permanent address by mail. Diplomas will not be released to students who have holds on their record.

The size of all diplomas is 8.5 x 11 inches. Information on the diploma includes the name of the university, the university seal, the graduate's name, the degree represented by the diploma, and the date of graduation.


A transcript of a student's academic record will be issued only upon receipt of a written request from the student.

Alumni and current students may request official electronic and paper transcripts through the Parchment St. Thomas Online Storefront. The University of St. Thomas continues to offer official paper transcripts at no cost through the Transcript Request Form. Transcripts will not be issued to students who have active holds on their records.