Advising and Academic Support

Advising Policy

All students will meet with their faculty mentors for one-on-one meetings approximately 30 minutes every other week to discuss academic, social, career, and other topics related to student success.

Academic Early Intervention Policy

Students who earn less than a C grade on any assignment (e.g., quiz, homework, essay, research paper, exam, team project, etc.) are required to immediately meet with their instructors and faculty mentors and create an action plan to improve their performance in the course(s).

If the student receives less than a C grade a second time in the same course, the student must meet with the associate dean of academics and other members of the Dougherty Family College academic early intervention team to review the previous action plan and determine what are the next steps to be taken to improve the student’s performance in the course.

Scholars Resource Center

The Scholars Resource Center provides a variety of math and writing resources including math and writing student tutors, math placement exam proctoring and preparation, one-on-one and small group assistance with math and writing assignments. Students also have access to the Center for Writing and the Math Resource Center on the St. Paul campus.

Faculty Mentors

Full-time faculty members serve as mentors to all students. Faculty mentors assist students with class schedules and enrollment decisions each semester during their first and sophomore years.

Faculty mentors guide their advisees’ progress toward a degree by reviewing grade reports and degree evaluations, assisting students with academic challenges, and consulting with them about career decisions.