Sociology and Social Work Co-Majors


Completing a co-major in Sociology and Social Work will allow students to combine the strengths of two areas of study in order to learn more about responding to human needs and social problems.

Sociology is the scientific study of society and social relations and it teaches students the skills they need to communicate, advocate and problem solve in this increasing globalized and socially diverse world. If you are interested in understanding and investigating the role society and social institutions play in influencing human behavior or how we must go beyond individual solutions to tackle social problems, then sociology might be for you! Employers want employees who have intercultural competence, can work comfortably with team members from diverse backgrounds, and can apply knowledge in real world settings. Course work in Sociology develops this along with intellectual skills such as quantitative and qualitative analytic reasoning and interpersonal communication skills.

The Social Work prepares graduates for generalist social work practice and licensure, and for graduate study. The St. Thomas School of Social Work recognizes two goals for generalist social work practices:

  1. To restore and enhance the social functioning of systems of all sizes (individuals, families, groups, organization, and communities)
  2. To promote a more just society

At the completion of the co-major, students will have excellent analytical and research knowledge, a deeper understanding of social problems including a solid theoretical background for policy change, and practical, licensable skills and practice experience in the field. In addition, students will be eligible to apply to most MSW problems as “advanced standing”, meaning that they will be able to complete their MSW studies on an accelerated timeline.


Sociology (28 credits)

  • SOCI 100 Intro to Sociology (4 credits)
  • SOCI 210 Research Methods in Sociology (WAC:WID) (4 credits)
  • SOCI 220 Sociological Analysis (4 credits)
  • SOCI 370 Sociological Theory and Praxis: The Capstone Experience (4 credits)

One of the two:

  • SOCI 3XX Elective (4 credits)
    or SOCI 251 Race and Ethnicity (4 credits)

One fo the two:

  • SOCI 365 Social Psychology (4 credits)
    or SOCI 366 Self and Society (4 credits)

One of the three:

  • SOCI 304 Adolescence in Society (4 credits)
    or SOCI 321 Global Marriages and Families (4 credits)
    or SOCI 354 Sex in Society (4 credits)

Social Work (40 credits)

  • SOWK 181 Introduction to Social Work (4 credits)
  • SOWK 240 Human Behavior and the Social Environment (4 credits)
  • SOWK 355 Communication and Interviewing Skills (4 credits)
  • SOWK 375 Junior Fieldwork (2 credits)
  • SOWK 376 Junior Fieldwork (2 credits)
  • SOWK 385 Group Work Skills (4 credits)
  • SOWK 391 Social Policy for Social Change (4 credits)
  • SOWK 401 Practice with Individuals and Families (4 credits)
  • SOWK 402 Practice with Organizations and Communities (4 credits)
  • SOWK 405 Senior Field Practicum & Integrated Seminar I (4 credits)
  • SOWK 406 Senior Field Practicum & Integrated Seminar II (4 credits)

Allied Requirements (12 credits)

  • BIOL 105 Human Biology or BIOL 106 Human, Medicine, and Biology (4 credits)
  • PSYC 111 General Psychology (4 credits)
  • PSYC 202 Lifespan Developmental Psychology (4 credits)