All student billing and payments are managed electronically through the Touchnet eBilling system. An electronic account statement (eBill) is generated monthly throughout the year, detailing the charges and credits for that billing period and indicating the amount currently due and payable. Monthly eBills are presented electronically through the Touchnet eBilling system.

St. Thomas eBills may be paid online through electronic funds transfer, or via check, money order or cashier's check. Payments made through electronic funds transfers are called ePayments, which include ACH transfers from a U.S.-based checking or savings account, and payment card transactions which are accepted through a third-party application called PayPath. There is a convenience fee charged by PayPath of 2.95% (minimum $3.00) for domestic payment card transactions; international payment card transactions are subject to a 4.25% (minimum $3.00) fee.

Students and other authorized users can access student accounts and conduct transactions related to their St. Thomas eBill as detailed below.


  • Students gain access to the eBill/ePay system via Murphy Online (Student Services > Student Accounts > View bill and/or make payment).
  • Students are able to view student account activity and view and print eBills.
  • Students are able to make online payments via ACH or payment cards.
  • Students are able to create authorized users to view or pay eBills.
  • Students make the choice when setting up an authorized user whether that authorized user can view the billing statement, payment history, or simply make payments.
  • Students are able to set-up their eRefund profile.

Authorized Users

  • Authorized users are third parties specifically authorized access by a student to view or pay a student's eBills.
  • Authorized users can include parents, guardians, spouses, grandparents, employers, and other third parties.
  • To create an authorized user, the student must grant access to that individual within the eBill/ePay system.
  • Authorized users are able to log into the system to complete their user profile and make payments (as authorized by the student).