Tommie Catholic

Meets every Tuesday night 8-9 pm: Iversen Center for Faith.


Participate in one of our many retreat options.

Interfaith programming

Encounter. Engage. Understand.

Peer Ministry Program

Encouraging students to share their faith with each other.

Duc in Altum

Explore the depth of the Catholic faith.

Spiritual Programming


Whether you are a new student or checking us out for the first time, we look forward to connecting with you and inviting you into the Campus Ministry community.

The spirituality and faith programming is an integral area of Campus Ministry. We provide programs and events for the spiritual development and enrichment of the St. Thomas Community. Regardless of your faith tradition or spiritual practice, we invite you to join our community by participating and getting involved. Our offerings include overnight and weekend retreats for students, formation and spiritual programming, interfaith programming and events, the Peer Ministry program, mornings of reflection for faculty and staff, and the seasonal reflections series. We also co-sponsor Tommie Catholic and Tommie Disciple. Everyone is welcome to participate in our programs and events.

We encourage you to explore the ways in which you can get involved by checking out the links above. We have many opportunities for you to invite God in! Please sign-up for the Campus Ministry e-Newsletter to stay up-to-date on our events and programs.

We invite you to visit our brand new offices at the Iversen Center for Faith or connect with us at  

Make your time at St Thomas an opportunity for spiritual growth and be surrounded by a caring community.

Connect. Encounter. Live.





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Office for Pastoral Care & Worship

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