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Psychology and Neuroscience (PAN) Living Learning Community

Can you be influenced by subliminal messages? Do you really only use 10% of your brain? Is human memory like a digital recording of the events? Is it true that you are either left- or right-brained? You may be surprised to learn that the answer to all these questions is no. Learn how to ask and answer questions like these through experiences with the Psychology and Neuroscience (PAN) LLC.

Through General Psychology and living in Murray Hall, you will explore the breadth of Psychology, focusing on the scientific process and our many ways of knowing. Through psychological research and out of classroom experiences, you will explore how to apply the knowledge found to address everyday problems in support of the common good. 

This LLC is limited to 48 students.

Course PSYC 111
PYSC 315
Faculty Sarah Hankerson;
Greg Robinson-Riegler;
First Year Experience Meets the Learning Community requirement under FYE
Core Area Courses Social Analysis
Academic Major/Minor Psychology Major & Minor
Neuroscience Major