Students participating in LLC activity

eMedia Living Learning Community​

The Emerging Media (eMedia) living learning community is designed for students who are interested in journalism, digital media arts (video and audio production, graphic design, game design, web design, photography) as well as strategic communication (advertising and public relations). If you have high school experience making videos or a podcast, writing for a student newspaper, or creating a yearbook, this is in your wheelhouse.

This LLC will build community in Tommie North and have unique out-of-class experiences that explore eMedia concepts, such as movie screenings or an evening exploring how digital games interact with sports.

Students in this LLC will take JOUR111 Introduction to Mass Media in their first semester, which is the gateway course for majors in journalism, digital media arts, and strategic communication.

Interested students may also wish to apply to join The Crest, the St. Thomas student-run news and multimedia organization. Students can contribute in areas such as news reporting, video journalism, graphic design, web design, audio podcasting, advertising or public relations. For more information about this opportunity, please reach out to Dr. April Eichmeier (, lead adviser for The Crest.

What eMedia LLC students said about their experience:

"My professors for my intro to journalism class (Dr. Sky and Dr. Feng) are amazing. Honestly the best professors that I've ever had."

"The values of my community include connections with others and communication. There is also the value of comfortability and being able to confront conflict, while also being open-minded."

screenshot from tommiemedia video showing students working at tommiemedia

Learn More About The Crest (formerly TommieMedia)

View this video to learn more about The Crest, the student-run news and multimedia organization.

Sample LLC Events

While LLC events vary from year to year, here are some examples of recent LLC events. LLC students are expected to attend at least 4 events or activities over the course of their fall semester to meet their learning community requirement.

  • EMedia LLC Movie Screening
  • TommieMedia Retreat
  • Karaoke
  • Excursion to Topgolf