A group of students participating in an LLC activity

Economic Tools for Policy and Business LLC

Economics is a social science discipline that develops valuable, cross-functional skills in critical thinking and problem-solving. Regardless of the context, economics provides a framework for thinking like a changemaker. Furthermore, according to the UST First Destinations Survey, economics is one of the top-earning majors at the University of St. Thomas. Students majoring in economics acquire analytical, quantitative, and problem-solving skills that they bring to various careers, making it a good combination with many different majors. For example, in a recent graduating class of 2021, students majoring in economics also double-majored or minored in 21 other disciplines throughout Arts and Sciences, Business and Engineering. Whether students are drawn to business, healthcare, law, public policy, data science, or a range of other fields and industries, a major in economics will be an asset.

In the Economic Tools for Policy & Business LLC, students will build relationships with other students, alumni, and staff, experiencing activities both in and outside of the classroom that include both social and professional networking opportunities. We do more than teach; we advocate, guide, and champion our students.

What Econ Tools LLC students said about their experience:

“Being able to move in early, as an entire LLC, allowed me to make connections with many of the residents on the floor. We were some of the only students on campus and I was able to form many friendships in those first few days within my LLC.”

“My LLC community was all about community. I was very close with my RA and professor for the LLC. Overall, it was a great experience.”

Hall Location Tommie North

ECON 251: Principles of Macroeconomics OR

ECON 252: Principles of Microeconomics


Monica Hartmann; hartmann@stthomas.edu

Tyler Schipper; tyler.schipper@stthomas.edu

Michael Walrath; walr1237@stthomas.edu

First Year Experience Meets the Learning Community requirement under FYE
Core Area Courses Social Scientific Analysis
Academic Major/Minor

All Business
Data Analytics
Actuarial Science
International Studies
Justice and Peace Studies

LLC Capacity This LLC is limited to 90 students.

Sample LLC Events

While LLC events vary from year to year, here are some examples of recent LLC events. LLC students are expected to attend at least 4 events or activities over the course of their fall semester to meet their learning community requirement.

  • Alumni Speaker: Awareness, Branding, and Civility: The ABC's of Navigating Your Career!
  • Banking and Finance Alumni Panel
  • Alumni Discussion on Economic Tools for Quantitative Modeling and Actuarial Science
  • Rent Stabilization Policies: What are They and do They Work?
  • Tour of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
  • Social Events including S’mores Night, Bingo, Bags Tournament, and Gingerbread Decorating