Aquinas Scholars Honors Living Learning Community​

The Aquinas Scholars living learning community is designed for and limited to first-year students who have been admitted to the Aquinas Scholars Honors Program. The program is designed to enrich the educational experience of the school's most talented and dedicated students by creating a community of scholars dedicated to academic excellence and the ideals of a liberal arts education.

Students in the LLC will live on floors in Tommie North Residence Hall with a roommate who is also an Honors student. This community will have the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities that will enrich your academic experience.

What Aquinas Scholars Honors LLC students said about their experience:

"I have made almost all of my friends within my LLC through the LLC events, classes, and even meeting in the bathroom. It's really awesome to be surrounded by so many people of similar interests."

"My LLC community values learning in a more in-depth way. Everyone wants to learn and collaborate together."

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Hall Location Tommie North

THEO 100: Honors Specific Sections OR

ENGL 190: Honors Advanced Critical Thinking: Literature & Writing


Eric Fort, Director of Aquinas Scholars Honors Program

First Year Experience Meets the Learning Community requirement under FYE
Core Area Courses

Philosophy & Theology

Literature and Writing

Academic Major/Minor All Majors and Minors
LLC Capacity Limited to first-year students admitted to the Aquinas Scholars Honors Program

Signature LLC Events

New Scholars Welcome Dinner

An annual event that connects new Aquinas Scholars for dinner and a talk by the professor of the year.

Meet Your Mentor

This informal networking event invites students to meet potential mentors and learn about options for participating in research as undergraduates.