Tips for Families

The safety of your student is our top priority, and one that we work diligently to ensure. Below are ways parents and families can stay connected, get information about safety at St. Thomas, and support their students.

In the case of a campus emergency, the Emergency Notification System sends information to students, faculty and staff at campus phones, university email accounts, university websites, and registered mobile phones. Your student may add your phone number to his/her account through Murphy Online if you would like to receive these messages on your mobile phone.

Parents and families are important sources of information and emotional support. Don't be afraid to talk to your student about personal safety. Make sure your student is educated on general personal safety tips and how to respond in the unlikely event of a natural disaster.

It's a good idea to check in about what they do on a daily basis to keep themselves safe. Are they locking doors, using the buddy system, and avoiding risky situations?

Students who drink excessively are at higher risk of being involved in car accidents, hazing and sexual assault. Keep talking to your student throughout college about alcohol and substance use. Talk through possible scenarios so they can anticipate how they might act, react and help their friends.

Consider providing your student with a self-defense item like a personal safety alarm or pepper spray.

Stay informed. Sign up for the parent and family e-newsletter, sent monthly during the academic year.

Know the facts. You may access the St. Thomas Clery Act Report online.

If you believe your resident student's health or safety is at risk, you may request a wellness check through the Department of Public Safety.