Weekly Intern Training and Service Activities

The UST Counseling and Psychological Services Internship is a 2,000 hour, full-time, 12 month internship. Interns are expected to devote 40 hours per week to the internship. 12 University holidays and one floating holiday are included in this 2,000 hour requirement. It is the intern's responsibility to accrue 2,000 hours of service during the year. As licensure requirements for different states vary, interns should ensure that they accrue sufficient direct service hours (usually 25% of total hours) to be license-eligible.

Direct service is defined loosely as face-to-face contact with public clientele

Individual Therapy Clients 10 hours/week
Group Therapy 2 hours/week
Crisis/Intake 4 hours/week
Pathways Psychoeducation Group 1 hour/week
Let's Talk  1 hour/week
Outreach/Consultation 1 hour/week
Initial Consultation Appointment 2 hours/week
Supervision Given to Practicum Student 1 hour/week
Behavioral Health Consultation Rotation 3 hour/week for 1 semester
Tape Review 1 hour/week
Case Management 2 hours/week
A. Supervision Received
  Individual Therapy Clients 2 hours/week
  Supervision Prep 1 hour/week
  CAPS Case Consultation 2 hours/week
  Supervision of Supervision Seminar 4 hours/month
  Group Supervision Seminar 4 hours/month
  Consultation/Outreach Seminar 2 hours/month
  Behavioral Health Consultation Seminar 2 hour/month
  Health Services/Psychiatric Consultation 1 hour/month
B. Professional Development
  Dissertation Release, Conferences, Seminars, etc.* 2 hours/week
  Intern Seminar 1.5 hours/week
  Diversity Seminar 2 hours/month
  Intern Support Group 1 hour/week
  Professional Development Days 2 days/year
C. Meetings
  Intern Meetings 1 hour/week
  Practicum Supervisors Meeting 1 hour/month
  Committee Meetings 1-2 hours/month
(as schedules permit)
D. Office Administration 1 hours/week

* The internship allows two hours of professional development release time per week, depending on the time of year and the status of intern caseloads. At peak times during the year, interns may not routinely be able to use this time, as the center's first priority is client care.

Intern Seminar meets jointly with the University of Minnesota Student Counseling Center’s doctoral intern cohort and alternates location between the UST and the U of MN campuses. Topics for intern seminars include, professional development issues, clinical presentations in the general population and among college students, assessment, diversity, specific treatment modalities, and ethical issues. For the 2021-22 training year, Intern Seminar is taking place virtually, via Zoom. Click on the link below to view the most recent seminar schedule.