Financial and Other Benefit Support

Annual Stipend/Salary for Full-time Interns:


Annual Stipend/Salary for Half-time Interns:


Program provides access to medical insurance for interns?


Trainee contribution to cost required?


Coverage of family member(s) available?


Coverage of legally married partner available?


Coverage of domestic partner available?


Hours of Paid Personal Time Off:

Can accrue up to 3.5 weeks

Number of Paid Holidays:

13 (12 + floating holiday)

For medical conditions or family needs requiring extended leave, does the program allow reasonable unpaid leave to interns in excess of PTO?


Professional Development Opportunities

Interns are expected to maintain satisfactory progress on their dissertations, are required to prepare a poster presentation of their research, and to present their posters at the Minnesota Psychological Association annual convention in the spring. Up to two hours of release time per week are available throughout the year, which may be used for this purpose, and may include time for interns to visit academic programs for dissertation meetings. Release time also may be used to attend conferences and workshops (see below). Some financial support is available for research activities (i.e., postage, printing).

Interns are encouraged to assist staff in ongoing research projects. Counseling and Psychological Services and the Career Development Center databases are available for interns' research.

Interns are encouraged to attend national, regional and local training workshops. They may use paid time off (PTO) or their release time for these activities. As an example, the Minnesota Psychological Association offers monthly workshops on a variety of topics, including assessment, interventions, ethics, diversity and multiculturalism/diversity in therapy. Visit the MPA Web site for a list of current offerings.