Biometric screenings are available for St. Thomas staff and faculty only.

Overnight (8-10 hours) fasting is required.

There is no cost for this screening which includes blood pressure, pulse, height, weight and fasting lab work (glucose and lipid panel).


  • Schedule a Biometric Screening Appointment via myHealthPortal (see instructions) or call 651-962-6750‌
  • Bring the Sharecare Physician Results Form to your appointment
    • See Wellness Program on the HR Benefits page for additional information
  • Screening results will be documented on the Physician Results Form and sent to you via fax or email
  • Lab results will be sent by secure email
  • Contact the Benefits Office with questions


  • Scheduling an Appointment: Health Services 651-962-6750 or online via myHealthPortal
  • Obtaining the Physician Form: Benefits 651-962-6520