Undergraduate Financial Aid Policies

As a financial aid recipient, you are responsible for understanding the policies that govern your financial aid. These policies are subject to change and are provided to you in our Notification of Award Guide and via electronic and written communications. If you have any questions regarding financial aid policies, please contact your personal financial aid counselor.

Information Sharing Policy

Financial aid staff are prohibited by federal law from sharing personal identifying information contained in student files.

Registration Policy

Financial aid recipients must enroll in minimum credit loads in order to qualify for the funds awarded to them. Your enrollment status will be reviewed following the 10th day of each term.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Financial aid recipients must make satisfactory academic progress in order to continue receiving financial aid. Your academic progress will be reviewed following the end of each term.

Withdrawal Policy

Financial aid recipients who withdraw from the university should be aware that they may need to return part or all of the funds they were awarded. Before officially withdrawing from classes, we recommend that you meet with your personal financial aid counselor.

Consumer Information

Disclosures for prospective and current students required by the Higher Education Act.

Reporting Concerns and Complaints

Students can report concerns or complaints with the help of the Dean of Students Office.