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In all we do, advance the common good.

At the Center for the Common Good, we connect University of St. Thomas students, faculty, and staff with community engagement opportunities so we can understand today’s most pressing social challenges, build mutually-beneficial relationships, and work toward innovative solutions—all for the common good.

When we put our efforts together, we gain a deeper understanding of complex issues, create stronger communities, and become inspired to take action.

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Discover opportunities to address inequities, environmental issues, and other identified concerns by partnering with community organizations.

In collaboration with a community-based organization, examine the systems and theories that relate to complex social challenges.

Make a positive societal impact, whether as an individual or part of a larger whole, that can ignite positive social change in our community.

Callie Jones ‘20


As a tutor, Callie worked with 3rd grade students in a Minneapolis elementary school.

Callie Jones Thumb

‌"I was compelled to rethink what I wanted to do in my life. My reassessment of my own education and career pathway led me to counseling those who have disabilities. If it wasn't for this humbling experience I would not have been exposed to the true education gap we have in the Twins Cities. I learned to not take education for granted and the fight that many people have to do to get proper education."

Center for Common Good News

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The annual Ashoka U Exchange event is taking place digitally April 16-17 at the University of St. Thomas.
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Jordan Osterman '11   author
Like many others, St. Thomas community members are working to figure out other safe and appropriate ways they can make an impact. The Center for the Common Good – which coordinates with hundreds of community partners to connect Tommies with volunteering and donation opportunities – has helped create guidelines and ways for St. Thomas community members to remain engaged.
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The spread of coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease it causes has had an unprecedented impact on life around the globe. Within the St. Thomas community, that impact is being felt in a myriad of ways, including in a full shift to online learning.
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The University of St. Thomas Office for Mission and Student Affairs recently explored what it means to advance the common good at St. Thomas, a key element of the university's mission. 
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More than 300 St. Thomas first-year students have done something no Tommies have ever done before: They’ve dedicated their J-Terms to a First-Year Experience at St. Thomas.
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