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Explore Majors and Careers

Identify Your Options

Choosing a major can be hard. Thinking about your future job or career can be even harder! We're here to help. Whether you don't know where to begin, are exploring multiple options, or know exactly what path you want to take, our Career Educators can meet with you to discuss your interests, passions, values and goals, and help you create a plan for your career. We also encourage you to use our career resources and meet with fellow Tommies (Alumni, peers, faculty and staff) to learn about your options.

See below for some steps you can take when exploring majors and exploring careers.

Getting Started

I’m Exploring Majors

It’s Okay to Be Undecided

The peer pressure to have a major or career path chosen is real, but we want you to know it’s okay to not know! (Or to change your mind.) We’re here to help you explore your major options and how they might relate to future jobs.

Have Conversations

One of the best ways to learn about different majors is to talk with people who teach or have studied those majors! We encourage you to reach out to faculty and staff, your classmates, and even Tommie alumni to learn more about majors of interest.

Get Involved

St. Thomas has over 200 student clubs and many other opportunities to get involved. Learning from others in a club meeting, studying abroad, or getting an on-campus job can be fantastic ways to get more information on majors, your interests and goals.

Endless Potential

I’m Exploring Careers

Choosing a major does not mean you’ve chosen a career – you have options!

Do Your Research

Research is a necessary part of choosing a career path. Explore career options and employers, and how they might align with your skills, interests, values and personality. We recommend the free PathwayU assessment as a great place to start.

Ask Questions

Part of good research is asking good questions. The Tommie community is here to help you as you seek more information. Doing an informational interview with an alum or chatting with peers or faculty on campus are great ways to get started.

Get Experience

One of the best ways to learn about a career is to do the work. There are lots of ways to get experience and build essential skills: internships, part-time jobs, volunteering, research, student leadership, studying abroad, and so much more.