Liturgy and Worship

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Ever since the time of the early Christians, “the Church has never failed to come together to celebrate the paschal mystery: reading those things ‘which were in all the scriptures concerning him’ (Lk 24:27), celebrating the Eucharist in which ‘the victory and triumph of his death are again made present’, and at the same time giving thanks ‘to God for his unspeakable gift’ (2 Cor 9:15) in Christ Jesus, ‘in praise of his glory’ (Eph 1:12), through the power of the Holy Spirit” (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy §6).

Continuing the great tradition of the Church in celebrating the mystery of faith, the Office for Pastoral Care & Worship coordinates and plans numerous opportunities for worship and prayer at the University of St. Thomas. Whether for Sunday Eucharist or Opening Year Celebration, we seek to foster and promote worship that “draws the faithful into the compelling love of Christ and sets them on fire” (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy §10).

Students, staff, faculty, and alumni of our university participate actively in the worship life of our community. Many volunteer to be ministers at our various liturgies and prayer services. Together, the worship and prayer life at the university is both rich in its heritage and diversity.

Join us in sharing the mystery of faith through our many prayer and worship opportunities. We welcome all and pray that everyone may find a place of peace and transcendence in our prayer and worship.