Muslim Student Life

Welcome to the Muslim Student Life page! We are happy to be your home at St. Thomas. This page has several resources for you, such as information about Muslim Clubs, Muslim Prayer Spaces, and different events happening around campus. We look forward to seeing you around campus and supporting you! 

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Ramadan Videos

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Ramadan Iftars & Other Resources

Snacks for Breaking a Fast

Students who are on campus when it is time to break their fast, but cannot have a meal right away, may pick up a package of dates from one of the following locations:

  • All four meditation rooms on St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses
  • Off Campus Student Life in ASC
  • Jay Phillips Center for Interreligious Studies (corner of Cleveland and Portland Ave)
  • DFC Commons

Join us throughout Ramadan for weekly Iftar dinners and events.

Please watch this space for updates and registration information for 2023 Iftar events. 

Template for Ramadan Related Accommodations

With the permission from our VP of Academic Affairs, I am sharing a template that can be used to communicate with faculty or supervisors to negotiate with them about your needs during Ramadan [Ramadan Accommodations Template]. You may customize the text to fit your particular needs.

Plans from Dining Services for Ramadan Meal Needs

Resident students and non-resident students who have meal plans will be able to go to The View or Northsider for their Dabiha halal Iftar meals and to pick up a prepackaged Dabiha halal meal for Sahur.

Any additional accommodations will be announced prior to the beginning of Ramadan for 2023.

Please contact Dr. Sadaf Shier for information about finding your meals during this time.

Al Taraweeh Prayer [Ramadan Specific Late Night Prayer]

Muslim students lead Al Taraweeh Prayer in ICF Meditation Room during Ramadan. If you are interested in leading prayers, please contact the Muslim Chaplain.


Juma Prayer Timings

Salat-ul-Jum'a/Friday Prayers are lead regularly by Muslim students who lead prayer and deliver sermons. If you are interested in leading Friday Prayers or giving sermons, please contact Dr. Sadaf Rauf Shier. Our prayer spaces are open to everyone and are NOT restricted to St. Thomas students only. They will take place in Schoenecker Hall in the Iversen Center for Faith.

Zabeeha Halal Snacks will be provided after Salat-ul-Jum'a

Our meditation rooms are open to people from all faith traditions. Muslim students frequently use these rooms for their daily prayers. Prayer rugs and Kaba locators are available in those rooms.

1. Anderson Student Center (ASC 251), St. Paul Campus

Room Hours: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm

2. Minneapolis Opus Hall (MOH200), Minneapolis Campus

Room Hours: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm

3. Meditation Room in Law School, Minneapolis Campus

4. Iversen Center for Faith on St. Paul Campus (ICF LL 12)

Wudu Stations are available on campus for Muslim men and women at the following locations:

St. Paul Campus

               Separate Wudu Stations for Muslim men and women are installed in the Lower Level of the Iversen Center for Faith.

Minneapolis Campus

Separate Wudu Stations for Muslim men and women are installed in the Meditation Room (MOH200) at the Minneapolis Campus.

Watering Pots in Campus Restrooms

Watering pots for taharat are available in the following restrooms on campus:

St. Paul Campus

Restrooms on all four levels of the Anderson Student Center 

Restrooms in Iversen Center for Faith

Restrooms on all levels of the Summit Classroom Building

Minneapolis Campus

Restrooms across from the School of Education

Retrooms in Doughtery Family College

Restrooms in School of Law 


Check out these vibrant and dedicated student clubs run by Muslim Students on Tommie Link:

Muslim Student Association

Muslim Student Association - University of St. Thomas (

The current executive board of Muslim Student Association is presided by Guled Gedi (President), Aiesha Osman (Vice President), Salma Nadir (Secretary), and Tamira Hussein (Treasurer).

Saudi Club

Saudi Club - University of St. Thomas (

The leadership of Saudi Club includes Abdullah Asiri (President) and Mohanad Zuiran (Vice President), Abdullah Aljaberi (Treasurer), and Ahsan Almakrami (Volunteer Coordinator). 

Annual Events for Muslim Students

In addition to several other events, the following annual events are organized by our Muslim Students.

  • MSA Night
  • Saudi Student' Night
  • Saudi National Day
  • Ask a Muslim Student
  • Hijab Awareness
  • Hijab and Kufi Challenge
  • Muslim Students' Retreat
  • Ramadan Iftar
  • Eid-ul-Fitar

If you would like to be connected to a Muslim Student Leader at St. Thomas, please e-mail Dr. Sadaf Rauf Shier at