Museum Studies Minor

Museum Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that introduces students to the ways that museums work, as well as to the theories and practices of museums in both historical and contemporary contexts. The minor offers students the opportunity to develop interests in numerous aspects of museum work, including exhibition and display, preservation and collections management, curation and education, administration and visitor studies, with the guiding principle that museums are tools for learning. 

The minor reflects the University of St. Thomas’ vision to prepare students for the complexities of the contemporary world and to engage thoughtfully in interdisciplinary work that advances the common good. An important aspect of the minor is its flexibility, which provides students the opportunity to pull together courses from across the university to suit specific needs and concentrations. The Museum Studies minor draws from Art History, History, English, Music, Education, Business Ethics, Business Law, Management, Marketing, Communications and Journalism, Entrepreneurship, Justice and Peace Studies, Sociology, and Psychology to offer a variety of classroom and experiential opportunities to critically engage with “museum literacy,” including the roles that museums play in society and the range of museum types that exist across continents.

Students who are considering diverse careers in museums, non-profits, other educational institutions, archives, auction houses, appraisal firms, or corporate collections may find this minor particularly appealing. Moreover, students interested in tangible objects, and sites of visual and material culture would benefit from this minor.