Honors Prof. of the Year

September 24, 2018

Dr. David C. Williard was voted by the Aquinas Scholars members as the Honors Professor of the Year.

He is one of 19 professors to receive that honor since its inception in 1993.

Williard Professor of the Year

Dr. Williard is a historian of the United States.  He specializes in the transformative effects of war on the meaning of citizenship, with a particular interest in the Civil War and Reconstruction.  More broadly, his teachings and research interrogate how contested identities emerge from the intersection of ideology and experience.  He has led the Civil War Era Citizenship Honors Seminar, which continues to be an Aquinas Scholars favorite.

1993-94              David Boyd

1994-95              Don Briel

1995-96              Greg Coulter

1997-98              Steve Laumakis

1998-99              Agapitos Papagapitos

1999-2000          Greg Coulter & Lynn Hartshorn

2000-01              Steve Laumakis

2001-02              Agapitos Papagapitos

2002-03              Bernie Brady

2003-04              Cathy Craft-Fairchild

2004-05              Meg Wilkes Karraker

2005-06              David Landry

2006-07              Greg Coulter

2007-08              (no listing)

2008-09              Greg Coulter

2009-10              Peter Feldmeier

2010-11              Michael Rota

2011-12              Kris Wammer

2012-13              Christopher Kachian

2013-14              Christopher Kachian

2014-15              Robert Riley

2015-16              David Todd Lawrence

2016-17              Mike Klein

2017-18              David Williard