Credit Transfer

The University of St. Thomas accepts liberal arts courses taken at an accredited college or university if the final grade was a C- or higher.

Courses are evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine if they are equivalent to any of our core curriculum requirements or a student's major field requirements. In most cases, if there is no direct match to a class required in either of these two areas, the class will transfer in as an enhanced course (elective).

Note, current St. Thomas students must speak with their academic counselor to learn about the pre-approval process for transfer courses.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

St. Thomas now accepts the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC). Transfer students who complete the MnTC will satisfy almost all core curriculum requirements

Request a Credit Evaluation and Graduation Estimate

Locate your transfer admissions counselor and request a comprehensive credit evaluation that explains our core and major field requirements and estimates how long it will take to graduate at St. Thomas

Transfer Credit Tool

If you'd like to determine how your college credits from other institutions will transfer for yourself, our transfer credit tool can help. It includes all the courses we've seen in the past including PSEO, dual-credit courses and more.

Please contact your transfer admissions counselor to determine transferability of courses not listed in this tool.

Lookup By Core Area

Have a certain core area you want to fulfill? See which courses you can take at other schools to do it.

Lookup by State

Find schools in your state that offer courses already known to be transferable to St. Thomas.

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Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)

All transfer students who complete the MnTC will satisfy our undergraduate core curriculum requirements after completing the following at St. Thomas:

  • One additional theology course
  • One additional philosophy course
  • A transfer student specific experience during orientation
  • The Capstone experience

Note: this policy only applies to transfer students and does not apply to first-time, first-year students (those who have not taken college credit as a degree-seeking student since high school graduation).

Core Curriculum

Our core curriculum ensures that your education is rich in courses that help you learn to look at work and life through multiple lenses to understand challenges, problems and opportunities from every angle. See the set of requirements that all students must fulfill to graduate from St. Thomas.

Community College Pathways

More than 40% of our transfer students come from community colleges. We offer pathways for select majors that indicate the specific community college courses that meet St. Thomas’ major requirements.

Advanced Placement Credits

We accept credits earned from Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), CLEP and A-level exams, depending on your scores.

Online Classes

Credits received from online classes, are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

International Coursework

International coursework is accepted by St. Thomas and is required to be disclosed at the time of application. Please contact your counselor for more information.

Confirming Accreditation

To make sure your school is regionally accredited, click on the state where your school is located.