From the Director

Fall 2017

By Dr. Tonia Bock (Director of Accreditation and Assessment / Professor Psychology)

Featuring assessment-related news and information from the Director of Accreditation and Assessment

Tonia Bock introduces the newsletter and its regular features. She also briefly highlights two assessment-related news items that will receive more attention in the spring semester issue.   

- From the Director Tonia

Assessing Tommies

Featuring our own work at UST in student learning assessment

Fall 2017

By Dr. Marcella de la Torre (Director, AACSB Administration, Opus College of Business) and Dr. Michael Garrison (Senior Associate Dean / Professor Ethics and Business Law, Opus College of Business)

The Opus College of Business shares with us their student learning assessment work. They discuss the relationship between their assessment and accreditor, their student learning goals, and how they have worked to close the loop.  

- Assessing Tommies

Tommie Assessment Resources

Featuring UST resources for student learning assessment 

Fall 2017

One of our greatest resources is our Assessment Consultants. We provide brief profiles of our Consultants so that you can become more familiar with their assessment interest, background, and skills. We provide a Q & A with our newest Assessment Consultant:  Darcy Turner.  

- UST Assessment Consultant - Darcy Turner

Assessment Beyond UST

Featuring assessment resources and information from the broader field of student learning assessment 

Fall 2017

By: Sarah Smith (University Learning Assessment Analyst)

Sarah Smith, our University Learning Assessment Analyst, shares information about curriculum mapping for assessment. She briefly describes it, summarizes the benefits of it, and directs us to an article that explains the important process in more detail. 

- Assessment Beyond UST