From the Director

Spring 2018

By Dr. Tonia Bock (Director of Accreditation and Assessment / Professor Psychology)

Featuring assessment-related news and information from the Director of Accreditation and Assessment

Tonia Bock situates student learning assessment in our HLC Assurance Review and explains the importance of faculty and staff's feedback for the Assurance Review.

Dr. Tonia Bock - From the Director Spring 2018

Assessing Tommies

Featuring our own work at UST in student learning assessment

Spring 2018

University Learning Assessment Plan: What is it? Why is it important?

By Dr. Tonia Bock (Director of Accreditation and Assessment)

Tonia Bock describes the University Learning Assessment Plan and explains why it is important.

The UST business professional embraces business acumen, ethics, leadership, and critical thinking. - University Learning Assessment Plan

Highlighting Assessment Consultant - Cathy Cory

Spring 2018

One of our greatest resources is our Assessment Consultants. We provide brief profiles of our Consultants so that you can become more familiar with their assessment interest, background, and skills. We provide a Q & A with our Assessment Consultant:  Cathy Cory. 

Dr. Cathy Cory - UST Assessment Consultant - Cathy Cory

Assessment Beyond UST

Spring 2018

By Sarah Smith (University Learning Assessment Analyst)

Featuring assessment resources and information from the broader field of student learning assessment 

Sarah Smith shares details from UST's 2013 HLC comprehensive evaluation and introduces an AALHE journal article featuring an interview on accreditation with Barbara Johnson, Vice President at the Higher Learning Commission. 

An aerial view of the lower quad containing autumn trees, the Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex (left), Murray-Herrick Campus Center (with clock tower), O'Shaughnessy Educational Center, and O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library (right). - HLC Evaluations