St. Thomas students riding camels in front of pyramids in Egypt

Why Study Abroad?

You’ll be able to live in a new city, country and culture, make new friends, try new foods and travel to places you may only have seen in pictures.

You can study abroad at any point during your four-years at St. Thomas (including first year!) and you can fulfill core requirements or take courses that count towards your major or minor.

Whether you’re an athlete, first generation college student, STEM major, or just someone who wants to journey beyond the arches, there is a study abroad program for you.

Study Abroad is Affordable

Studying abroad can be for everyone! Talk to a study abroad advisor about how to apply for scholarships and your financial aid to semester study abroad programs and learn about programs that can fit your budget.

Graduate on Time

Advisors in the Office of Study Abroad can work with you to choose a program that will keep you on track for your degree. Planning early and communication with advisors will ensure that you have a wide range of programs to choose from.

Global Knowledge and Increased Employment

Understanding and integrating global knowledge and intercultural competencies will be crucial for you as you live, work, and serve an interconnected world.

Studying abroad is an investment that can increase your intercultural skills in an increasingly global world and set you apart from other job candidates.

Part of the Tommie Experience

Studying abroad is a big part of college for many Tommies. On average, approximately 1,000 students study abroad each year and a majority St. Thomas undergraduates study abroad at least once prior to graduation.

In the Alumni Attitude Study, study abroad is often the cited by alumni as their most impactful experience while at St. Thomas.

Debunking myths video title slide

Debunking Study Abroad Myths

When it comes to studying abroad, there are a few common myths. Watch this video to learn why you should study abroad.