Withdrawal Due to Military Activation

Date Implemented: February 12, 2002
Date Revised: February 24, 2009

University of St. Thomas students who are called to active duty in the armed services will be granted a 100% tuition adjustment for the semester in which they were deployed regardless of the date they were activated. To receive this tuition adjustment the student must present a copy of the deployment orders to the dean or designee. If a student is called to duty after the last day to drop without a "W", the student will receive Ws on the transcript.

Important Note: In the absence of a more stringent policy at the school or college level the University Graduate Academic Policies apply. Should a graduate program not have a specific policy or should there be omissions or gaps in the policy for a specific graduate school program, the University Graduate Policy shall govern.

The Graduate Academic Policies are the responsibility of the Graduate Curriculum Committee Convener. For additions or revisions contact gradcurriculum@stthomas.edu.