Registration for Undergraduate Students Enrolling for Graduate Courses

Date Implemented: October 01, 1999
Date Reviewed: April 19, 2012
Date Revised: February 24, 2009

Undergraduate students are not recommended nor generally permitted to take graduate courses that are not cross-listed with an undergraduate course. This policy does not apply to undergraduate students enrolled in approved undergraduate majors or tracks, which include graduate courses. The Dean of the program may be petitioned for a waiver of this requirement. Copies of approved waivers are to be retained in the student’s file, the Dean’s Office, the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of International Admissions.

Important Note: In the absence of a more stringent policy at the school or college level the University Graduate Academic Policies apply. Should a graduate program not have a specific policy or should there be omissions or gaps in the policy for a specific graduate school program, the University Graduate Policy shall govern.

The Graduate Academic Policies are the responsibility of the Graduate Curriculum Committee Convener. For additions or revisions contact