Pass/Fail Grading

Date Implemented: December 14, 2002
Date Revised: February 24, 2009

It is not recommended that graduate programs use a pass/fail grading system. However, programs may, at their discretion, establish a pass/fail grading option for some courses which are typically offered for traditional A-F grading. Students who apply for pass/fail must submit their application to the office which administers their program for approval prior to the last day to add the class in order to change the traditional grading mode to the Pass/Fail mode. Once the Pass/Fail mode has been selected for a class, it may not be changed.

Instructors will not be notified that the student has elected a pass/fail grading system. When final grades are received from instructors, a grade of S will be posted for students who earned a passing grade. A failing grade will result in a grade of R on the student's record and will not affect GPA. In addition, no credit is earned. Grades of S do not affect the grade point average.

Important Note: In the absence of a more stringent policy at the school or college level the University Graduate Academic Policies apply. Should a graduate program not have a specific policy or should there be omissions or gaps in the policy for a specific graduate school program, the University Graduate Policy shall govern.

The Graduate Academic Policies are the responsibility of the Graduate Curriculum Committee Convener. For additions or revisions contact