Appeals of Registration or Records

Date Implemented: December 11, 2003
Date Revised: February 24, 2009

Students must submit written requests for exceptions to registration or records policies to the deans or directors of the college or school that administer the policies. These requests must specify:

  1. A citation for the specific policy for which an exception is sought
  2. The specific exception that is sought
  3. The student's rationale for the exception.

The dean may delegate the initial review and recommendation to a member of his/her staff or faculty. The final decision must be made within 30 days of the written request.

Important Note: In the absence of a more stringent policy at the school or college level the University Graduate Academic Policies apply. Should a graduate program not have a specific policy or should there be omissions or gaps in the policy for a specific graduate school program, the University Graduate Policy shall govern.

The Graduate Academic Policies are the responsibility of the Graduate Curriculum Committee Convener. For additions or revisions contact