Requirements and Policies

To graduate as an Aquinas Scholar, most students must complete four honors sections from the core curriculum and three interdisciplinary honors seminars.

Transfer students with at least 42 accepted semester credits must complete three honors sections and three honors seminars.

To remain in good standing while in the honors program, students must also:

  • Maintain an overall GPA of 3.60 or above
  • Earn at least 5 participation points per semester by attending Aquinas Scholars events

Upon being admitted to the Aquinas Scholars Honors Program, students are required to sign a contract that indicates their understanding and acceptance of these requirements as well as the terms and conditions outlined below.

Students will use the program's Canvas site to electronically sign the appropriate contract.

Incomplete Program Requirements

If a student begins the honors program and cannot fulfill all of its requirements prior to graduation, the faculty director may, under extraordinary circumstances, make an adjustment to the student's requirements (usually in the form of a substitution).

Ordinarily, however, students who can't fulfill the requirements for honors sections and seminars by the time of graduation simply need to withdraw from the program by emailing the honors program director and completing a withdrawal survey.

Students' transcripts will continue to list the honors courses they took, and any honors seminars they were (or are) enrolled in will remain at no additional tuition cost.