Friday, Sept. 1 - Tuesday, Sept. 5

Welcome Days is a required comprehensive educational and social program designed to prepare incoming first-year students to succeed at St. Thomas.  The program begins at 5 pm on Friday, September 1 and runs through our March Through the Arches celebration on Tuesday, May 5.  More details with the full schedule are coming soon, but below you will find a sample of the programs being offered.

The Great Tommie Get-Together

The Great Tommie Get-Together is a fun, exciting, and entertaining way to make new friends on campus.  This high-energy activity will have students interacting with other new incoming first-year students through a variety of team-building activities. 

Purple on the Plaza & Football Game

Purple on the Plaza offers students, alumni and St. Thomas fans a place to enjoy the gameday atmosphere. Incoming first-year students will have the opportunity to meet Tommie Mascot, hear live music, see performances from both the dance team and cheer squad and – of course – get plenty of food.  Students can then attend the first home football game of the season.

Shaun Boothe

Shaun Boothe is an energetic and engaging performer and speaker who will be offering unique perspectives on stepping outside our comfort zones, being part of a welcoming and inclusive campus environment, and being invested in the wellbeing and success of one another.

Community Engagement

During the Community Engagement session, incoming first-year students will have the opportunity to connect with community partners and learn how they can engage in both curricular and co-curricular service opportunities.

Healthy Relationships

Dr. Carol Bruess, a nationally-recognized expert on creating healthy relationships by making careful and mindful choices, will engage the minds and imaginations of students as she answers their most pressing questions about healthy, honest intimacy.  In her high-energy, high-passion style, Dr. Bruess will keep students on the edge of their seats while arming them with relationship tools they'll use over the next four years and beyond!

March Through the Arches

The "March Through the Arches" tradition is a symbolic book end to students experience at St. Thomas.  Incoming students line-up on the Summit Avenue edge of campus and are welcomed to campus by applauding faculty, staff and students as they pass through the arches.  During students' senior year, the tradition is repeated in reverse as students pass back through the arches toward Summit Avenue to the congratulatory applause of the St. Thomas community.