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August 30 - September 3, 2019

Welcome Days is a required comprehensive educational and social program designed to prepare incoming first-year students to succeed at St. Thomas.  Community Engagement Day is about living out our mission of advancing the common good.  We will learn about our unique campus culture here at St. Thomas. . .

 Looking forward to welcoming our newest tommies this fall.  Check back for welcome days information. . .

Get Excited for Welcome Days!

Great Tommie Get-Together

Open the year with this fun, get-to-know-you event. This is a fast-paced event where the entire first-year class gets to know each other in a hilariously fun environment.

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Community Engagement Day

Community Engagement Day is about living out our mission of advancing the common good. We will learn about our uniqe campus culture here at St. Thomas, the resources available in our Tommies Together Volunteer Center, and finally, meet with your choice of two community partners. Our community partners are a mix of non-profits, social innovators, and student organizations. Each offers numerous volunteer opportunities through the academic year and play a huge role in advancing the common good.

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Headphone Disco

Headphone Disco

Grab your imaginary microphone and dust off your dancing shoes for Headphone Disco! Participants listen to two different soundtracks only they can hear via wireless headphones. Dance, sing, or simply watch with amusement as others jam out to their respective songs in this lively event! 

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March Through the Arches

Be a part of the time-honored tradition that welcomes you into the St. Thomas community! March Through the Arches is followed by a welcome assembly, interfaith blessing, and a picnic on the J. P. Monahan Plaza.

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