Other Program Models

In addition to traditional semester, January, and summer term programs, St. Thomas offers a selection of programs that allow for even more flexibility. 

Embedded Programs 

On-campus courses may include an embedded study abroad component that builds upon the classroom learning. The travel component most commonly will occur over spring break but may also occur at other times. Read the information closely regarding the embedded study abroad component outlined on the program brochure. You must enroll in the on-campus course to participate in the travel portion.  

Global Online (GO) Experiences 

Cross-cultural experiences are possible without traveling to a different location. You can take an online course with one of our partner universities abroad, participate in a remote internship, or even full programs online. Opportunities are available through faculty-led programs and through our Other Approved Programs. To explore the variety of possible online experiences, go to Search for a Program and enter “online” into the country field. 

Engineering Global Summers 

The School of Engineering has two opportunities for Engineering majors to complete the first semester of their Senior Design Seminar internationally. Spend the summer prior to senior year in Jordan or Peru working with a local organization to address a community need; you'll then complete the design project during the fall semester.