Bernardi Campus students


This online guidebook outlines policies, procedures and community standards that apply to Bernardi residents only. For general guides to the policies, procedures and rules at the University of St. Thomas and living on campus, students should read and refer to student policies and Resident Student Handbook. Anyone living in Bernardi, whether a student or an overnight guest, is expected to be familiar and have read all the Bernardi regulations provided online or on paper.

Bernardi Campus policies are continually being re-examined to reflect the needs and values of our community. As such, the policies and statements are not an irrevocable contract, and the University of St. Thomas reserves the right to modify or cancel any statement in this guidebook at any time.

There are two residential floors – one for men and one for women. The corridor of bedrooms on each floor beyond the entry doors is not coed. This applies at all times.

The common-area lounge on the first floor is coed; however, if students violate the quiet hours policy or the privacy of the students living on each floor, the Bernardi staff may take away the coed lounge privileges, as well as take disciplinary action against the violators. Only Bernardi Campus staff, faculty or maintenance people accompanied by a staff member will be allowed on both residential floors to respond to an emergency or a maintenance situation, or for cleaning purposes, student check-in and check-out, and health and safety inspections.

A Room Condition Report (RCR) is prepared for each room by the Bernardi staff. Each student must complete and sign it within 24 hours of move-in to campus. The RCR also will be used at the end of the resident’s term on campus to record any damage upon check-out. Any damage found to a room upon checkout will be assessed and charged to the individual’s student account. Students are responsible for cleaning their room, removing trash, and maintaining safe and sanitary conditions. Cleaning supplies are provided, and garbage bins are located at the entry of each floor and in public spaces. A dumpster is located outside the south gate of the building.

Students are not permitted to remove furniture or equipment from their rooms or common areas. All bookshelves in the rooms are anchored to the wall. Nails, hooks or screws should not be used on the walls. Material may be posted on wardrobe surfaces using proper adhesives. Fishnets, sheets or other flammable items may not be hung in such a way that they create a fire hazard.

Liability charges for damage done in hallways, stairs and all public areas will be levied equally to all students in the hall unless the responsibility is found not to be equal. In this case, disciplinary action will be taken against the violators.

Due to the limited number of computers on campus, students and guests are expected to give precedence to those using them for academic purposes.

Do not store personal data on the hard drives in the computer lab or download programs without permission. In order to save energy, please turn off the computers when you are done using them and turn off lights in the computer lab. No food or drink is allowed in the computer lab. An automatic $15 fine will be charged to the individual’s student account for violations of this policy.

Students are provided with enough computer paper to last them throughout the semester based on their academic work load. If you run out of paper, you are responsible for buying your own. All computer paper is to be used only for academic purposes and not for personal use beyond printing travel itineraries, vouchers, etc.

Students are expected to clean up when done eating and keep their kitchen area clean and sanitary on a daily basis. Any food items placed in the refrigerators must be marked with the student’s name and the date. Students are responsible for cleaning the refrigerators at least once a week. Anything that is open, over a week old or not marked to be saved will be discarded. The Bernardi staff has the right to lock the kitchen without prior warning, if students do not follow cleaning and sanitary procedures. Be sure to read posted kitchen guidelines.

No dishes may be taken from the student dining room. The main kitchen and dishwasher room are reserved for staff use.

Sunday through Thursday the building is locked at 11:30 p.m.

Friday and Saturday the building is locked at 2 a.m.

Security cameras are located on campus. Students are expected to stay on campus within the designated building hours. If you will be absent from campus overnight, written notification and a phone number where you can be reached in case of emergency must be provided to the campus director at least 24 hours prior. If you expect to arrive on campus after building hours, you must make arrangements for entry with the campus director at least 24 hours prior. Violation of the building hours will result in disciplinary action.

Each resident is given a card key that opens the front gate, front entrance door, the resident’s room and assigned bathroom. After hours, the card key will open the gate, but once the two entrances are locked, you will not be able to get in. You must carry your card key with you at all times. There is a €5 fee for a lost card key. Be careful not to get your card demagnetized near cell phones or laptops.

A lock-out fee will be charged if a staff member is needed to let you into your room. The first lock-out is free, the second lock-out is €1, and additional lockouts are €3.

Quiet hours will be enforced in the television lounges after 10:30 p.m. or at the discretion of the staff. All other hours are considered courtesy hours, and residents are expected to adjust their noise levels accordingly. Students are encouraged to first express their noise complaints directly to those causing disturbances. If necessary, discuss noise concerns with the campus director and together come up with an action plan to resolve the situation.

A chapel is on the main floor of the residence. Residents are expected to treat the chapel with the reverence due any place where the Sacrament is reserved. Please maintain a respectful volume when gathering in the adjoining salotto or other rooms on the main floor; there are often people praying in the chapel. 

A chaplain is available for spiritual direction to the Bernardi residents and for providing the sacraments, service opportunities and other opportunities for Christian growth. A community Mass takes place once or twice a week. Days and times are to be determined.

Possession or consumption of alcohol on campus is strictly prohibited, except when served as part of a hosted meal or special event approved by the campus director. Appropriate disciplinary sanctions and a fine will be assessed to the violators.

Smoking is not allowed inside the Bernardi Campus. Smoking is permitted in the courtyard and the rooftop terrace. Use the ash cans provided.

Find out more about security practices at Bernardi regarding safely navigating Rome, entering the Bernardi residence, traveling and more.

If students plan to travel outside the city or be absent from the residence overnight, they must fill out a student travel information form at least 48 hours in advance and e-mail it to the director. It is very important that students complete this form properly, particularly the destination and contact information. After receiving the form, the director will provide students a guide sheet to assist them in planning their travel and overnight stays.

Anyone who is planning to be away over a weekend or a week night needs to sign up on the weekend away sign-up sheet posted on the main stairwell bulletin board. This is an additional measure of students keeping each other informed of their whereabouts in case of an emergency.

Health and safety inspections of all the rooms, bathrooms and student lounges will be conducted each semester. The director will notify the students at least a week in advance. It is very important that all residents take precautions to prevent problems with pests. Snack items should be kept in closed food containers and food products refrigerated when appropriate. As always, residents should practice fire safety procedures. Extension cords, halogen lamps and candles are prohibited. If a room does not meet sufficient minimum standards of cleanliness, sanitation or safety practices, the residents will receive a citation and be given 48 hours to respond. Failure to properly respond by cleaning and maintaining the room will result in a fine of €40 posted automatically to the student’s account.

In order to keep residents safe and the building well-maintained, sports-related activities within hallways, rooms, stairwells or other public areas of the Bernardi Campus are prohibited. Appropriate disciplinary sanctions and a fine will be assessed to the violators.

Guests, such as parents, family members and alumni, often stay in unoccupied student rooms or guest rooms of the residence. All room reservations must be made in advance with the director.

Residents are asked to be courteous and welcoming. Guests sharing a room with residents must have the room residents’ consent. The host resident is responsible for the behavior and actions of his or her guests. The host resident is responsible for making guests aware of expected conduct and the appropriate university and campus regulations.

Guests must have a valid passport to present to the front office upon check-in. Host residents should greet their visitors or guests upon their arrival. Visitors are not allowed unaccompanied in the building. Student bedroom wings are not coed, and visitors of the opposite gender (including family members) are not allowed on the floors to visit or to stay overnight. Overnight guests are not allowed (Italian law for residences) unless they are registered as an official guest of the residence. The university strongly recommends that resident students not have overnight guests during the last two weeks of the semester.

Closing information and procedures are distributed to the students weeks in advance of their scheduled departure date. All students must vacate the campus by 10 a.m. of the scheduled departure date.

If you are a full-year student, you may stay at the Bernardi Campus between semesters, although we highly recommend that you use this break for traveling. Be aware that the heat is turned down, hot water is at a minimum and no food service is available during the break between semesters.

Students are provided continental breakfast daily from 7 to 9 a.m. unless instructed otherwise. Students will receive dinner on Sundays and Wednesdays each week in the Bernardi dining room. These days are subject to change during the holidays and on special occasions based on the staff’s discretion. Dinner is served at 7 p.m. Sundays and around 8:15 p.m. Wednesdays.

Be prepared to pay for your own lunches and five dinners per week. Plan on a budget of about €130 to €150/week.

During Christmas and Easter breaks, no dinners will be served. Any exceptions to this will be announced by the director. There are no meals served on December 24, 25 and 26. In addition, no meals will be served on New Year's Eve and New Year’s Day or on Easter Sunday.

Students with special dietary needs should inform the campus director prior to their arrival in Rome to ensure that they will not encounter any difficulties with food choices and availability.

Guests are welcome for dinner on the designated dinner nights at the residence with at least 48 hours’ advance notice and approval by the campus director. You will need to fill out a guest meal request form, available from the director. Cost for a guest meal is €20 per person. The host student’s account will be charged for meals unless the guest or the student host wishes to pay directly with a credit card. No more than 50 people can be present for dinner on any given night. Please let the campus director know in advance if you will be absent from a scheduled meal.

There are three washers and two dryers. They are token-operated: one token to wash and one token to dry. Laundry tokens cost €2 each and can be purchased at the front office during posted hours. Please bring the exact change or smaller denomination currency notes to buy laundry tokens if possible. Depending on the temperature used (see posted instructions), a load of laundry can take about 55 to 65 minutes to wash and 30 minutes to dry. Please be courteous and timely when doing your laundry. Be aware that once the washer is running, it cannot be opened until the cycle has finished.

Be cautious not to overload the washers or dryers. You must purchase laundry detergent for washers, not detergent for hand-washing. If soap is labeled with your name, it can remain in the laundry room cabinet. Report equipment problems to staff immediately. Do not tamper with the washers or dryers; those who do so will be subject to disciplinary action and monetary fines.

Dry cleaning is available at nearby establishments.

The university rents sheets and towels from an outside vendor. There is a $24 charge for each missing linen item. Any charges will be posted on the student’s account. All linen provided must be cleaned by the linen service, not in the campus washers. You will receive one set of bed sheets, one pillowcase and a bath towel. Linen exchange for clean towels and sheets takes place once a week (day and time to be announced). Students are responsible for following the linen exchange procedures as explained during Bernardi Campus student life orientation.

Each resident is given a personal code that must be entered when making an external call. This code allows the staff to track calls for billing purposes. Calls will be charged directly to the student’s account each month based on telephone use (local and long-distance). Long-distance calls made from the campus through the Italian telephone system are more expensive. Students are encouraged to use Skype or a prepaid phone card available at local tabacchi shops to minimize telephone costs.

Phone cards are for international calls and often cannot be used for local calls. Generally, American 800 numbers cannot be accessed from international locations. Calling cards purchased in the United States often will have special directions for use overseas; however, 800 (not 888 or 877) numbers sometimes may be accessed by dialing 880 instead of 800, at which point you will be charged for the international portion of the call instead of it being toll free.

A copy machine is in the front office. Copies cost 5 cents each and may be purchased at the front office. Multiple copies can be made at a copy shop. Students must ask the staff person on duty to operate the copier; it is not self-service.

Faxes sent to the student through the school will be put in the student’s mailbox. Outgoing faxes to Rome and other places in Italy are €3 each. Faxes sent outside Italy are €5 cents each. Charges will be added to the student’s account, or they can be paid directly at the front office.