Students participate in an LLC activity

Pathways to Engineering (P2E) Living Learning Community

The Pathways to Engineering (P2E) living learning community is specifically designed to foster a community among first-year students who are interested in the field of engineering. In addition to taking the Intro to Engineering Design course together in the fall, students will have access to tutoring and one-on-one advising from a P2E faculty member. P2E students will also connect and grow as a community in multiple fun activities and outings planned by faculty and living learning staff throughout the first semester.

What P2E LLC students said about their experience.

"I immediately met people in my LLC community that became my close friends here at Saint Thomas, there are also groups of us with similar academic interest that study in the study rooms in Tommie North together on a frequent basis."

"Honestly the friendships made due to the fact that we were all close to each other are friendships that I know will continue to last a lifetime. Having the engineers in Tommie North...might be the smartest thing they could have done for the LLC for studying and research purposes as well as building relationships."

Hall Location Tommie North

ENGR 100: Intro to Engineering Design AND

(choose one below)

  • ENGR 160: Surveying (Civil Engineering) or
  • ENGR 170: Mechanical Engineering Graphics or 
  • ENGR 175: Intro to Electrical & Computer Engineering 

Mohsen Tahmasebi;

Tiffany Ling; 

Heather Orser;

First Year Experience Meets the Learning Community requirement under FYE
Core Area Courses

Does not meet any requirements under the Core Areas

Academic Major/Minor All Engineering Majors: Mechanical, Computer, Electrical and Civil
LLC Capacity This LLC is limited to 96 students.

Sample LLC Events

While LLC events vary from year to year, here are some examples of recent LLC events. LLC students are expected to attend at least 4 events or activities over the course of their fall semester to meet their learning community requirement.

  • Field Trip to 3M Headquarters
  • Engineering Alumni Panel 
  • Tour of the St. Thomas Microgrid 
  • Engineering Study Abroad Info Session 
  • E-SAM Alumni Resume Review