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Literary and Digital Storytelling Living Learning Community​

The Literary and Digital Storytelling LLC is designed for students interested in how we tell stories as individuals and communities. Students will learn how to analyze what stories mean in literary and digital spaces while also developing skills for crafting thoughtful stories that are persuasive and socially just. The LLC will also prepare students interested in majoring in a range of disciplines, such as literature, creative writing, professional writing, communication studies, digital media arts, pre-law, strategic communication, marketing, and data analytics. The goal of the LLC is to build a close-knit community with shared interests in storytelling and to help students connect those interests to their academic, professional, and personal lives. If you're a student who loves writing, reading, watching films, playing video games, or creating your own content, this is the LLC for you!

Hall Location Dowling Hall
  • Choose ONE: ENGL 255 (Intro to Creative Writing) OR ENGL 256 (Intro to Professional Writing).
  • Possibly take ENGL 190 (Advanced Critical Thinking Literature and Writing) if you have not received transfer or AP credit for this course (Academic Counseling will help make this determination) OR take ENGL 190 if you want to take it as an elective.

Dr. Salvatore Pane;

Dr. Laura Zebuhr;

Dr. Katlynne Davis;

First Year Experience Meets the Learning Community Requirement under the FYE
Core Area Courses

ENGL 190 fulfills the English Core Requirement; ENGL 255 fulfills the Fine Arts Core Requirement; ENGL 256 fulfills a requirement for the BA in Professional Writing.

Academic Major/Minor


Creative Writing

Professional Writing


Communication Studies

Digital Media Arts


Strategic Communications


Data Analytics

LLC Capacity This LLC is limited to 30 students