Catholic Studies LLC students

Catholic Studies: Telos Living Learning Community​

Telos (τέλος): Greek for "purpose," "end," or "goal."

And so it begins: the tough, rewarding work of discovering your purpose, building toward professional goals, and becoming who God has created you to be. The Catholic Studies: TelosLLC brings students from all academic fields of study together to build deep friendship, strong faith and meaningful careers.

Academically Sensible
The Telos LLC provides the structure for thinking seriously about what a fulfilling and successful career looks like after college, while taking care of up to five core academic requirements.

Deep Friendship
The Telos LLC is a community in Dowling Hall and explores God’s grandeur through the whole of life. While this includes community prayer and Mass, it is also about long dinner conversations full of laughter, intimate fireside chats in Sitzmann Hall and fun cultural activities with classmates and faculty. The Telos LLC provides the option for a two-year experience, so you have the time to create friendships that can last a lifetime.

You don’t have to be a major or minor in Catholic Studies to live with us. In fact, we want you to be studying something else. Students in the Telos LLC share an interest in exploring the most important questions of life. The richness and depth of our conversations comes from the variety of professional and academic interests of our community. Through this you develop leadership skills that help you grow in your career and in life, whether you know what you want to do when you arrive at St. Thomas or not.

What Telos LLC students said about their experience:

“I have enjoyed the little moments with my LLC community. It makes me really happy just to see people from my LLC at mass, during class, or in the halls. We connect really easily, and all get along.”

“My peers and I all share the same or highly similar beliefs, specially about God and our religion. It's a community that brings Catholics together and gives us a chance to explore our faith and meet others who are also on their journey on exploring their own faith.”

Hall Location Dowling Hall

THEO 100: Foundations: Catholicism

PHIL 110: The Person and the Good

Faculty John Boyle;
Tom Feeney;
First Year Experience Meets the Learning Community requirement under FYE
Core Area Courses

Philosophy & Theology

Academic Major/Minor All Majors and Minors; ideal for Catholic Studies
LLC Capacity This LLC is limited to 40 students

Sample LLC Events

While LLC events vary from year to year, here are some examples of recent LLC events. LLC students are expected to attend at least 4 events or activities over the course of their fall semester to meet their learning community requirement.

  • LLC Pizza Dinner in Sitzmann Hall
  • Duc in Altum (faith formation event): Virtue & the Happy Life
  • Faculty Spotlight Lunches in Dowling Hall
  • Speaker: Philosophical Reasons for Faith
  • Open Windows Theater trip
  • Movie Nights
  • End of Semester LLC Dinner at Bucca Di Beppo’s