Renaissance Program FAQ

Q: What exactly is the Renaissance Program?

A: The Renaissance Program consists of a six-course minor and an internship.

Q: What courses will I have to take?

A: You must take:

1. Three full business courses (or their equivalent).

2. One CISC or STAT class.

3. One ECON class.

4. IDSC 333, the Renaissance Program course.

5. IDSC 330, Internship.

See the requirements section for details.

Q: What business courses should I take?

A: The program lists recommended courses, but you may take any business classes for which you are eligible if approved by the Renaissance Program director.

Q: I want to take a business class not on the Renaissance Program list. How do I apply the credit toward my Renaissance Program minor?

A: You must contact the director of the Renaissance Program to discuss the possibility.

Q: Which Economics and CISC classes should I take?

A: The procedure for Economics and CISC courses is the same as for business classes.  See the question above.

Q: Can I get Renaissance Program credit for courses taken somewhere else, e.g. study abroad courses?

A: Yes, provided that UST accepts the course as a transfer course.

Q: Is there a major in the Renaissance Program?

A: No, at present the Renaissance Program is only a minor course of study.

Q: Can I really take free business courses after graduation through the Renaissance Program?

A: Yes. Graduates of the Renaissance Program may take bonus courses from the Opus College of Business on a space-available basis. For the required pre-approval, visit the Renaissance Program office or download the Bonus Course Form.