St. Paul Campus Projects

Estimated completion date: November 2023

Key Construction Activities - December 2022

  • Tunnel lids completed and covered
  • Loading dock concrete complete
  • Continue structural steel installation
  • Form and pour elevated concrete slabs
  • Installation of east stair
  • Roof install at the link and roof tie-in at OSS
  • Exterior framing and sheathing
  • Installation of new cooling towers on roof
  • Mechanical and electrical work

Project Updates with progress photos

12/01/22 Progress Photos



Cistern assembly time lapse video - 09/29/22

Fuel oil tank time lapse video - 10/28/22

Video and notes by Chief Engineer, David Clysdale

On 10/28/22 a 40,000-gallon fuel oil tank was delivered and set in place on the northwest corner of the job site. The tank is seventy-five feet long and nine feet in diameter.

The fuel oil is used for two things at Schoenecker Hall and Owens Science Hall:

1) The emergency generators - The generators only run for emergency power when there is a power failure.

2) The heating system boiler secondary fuels - The boilers are switched to fuel oil when there is a natural gas curtailment from Xcel Energy. A curtailment happens during very cold days when the demand for natural gas is high. Typically when the daytime temperatures are predicted to be below zero. The University and Xcel are in a business agreement where Xcel Energy can declare a curtailment and in exchange, we get a reduced rate per therm from Xcel.


Construction Management Plan_4-27-22

Phased Site Logistics Plans_4-27-22



Estimated Completion Date: Winter 2023

  • Construct new structure in Anderson Parking Facility to house Waste Recovery including a controlled environment for some storage.
  • Construct structure in drive aisle for cart washing station.

Cart Washing Station

Waste Recovery Building Progress Photo 12/08/22


Start date: Winter 2023

  • Adding an additional emergency generator to add capacity to our existing systems
  • Location will be in the Morrison Parking Ramp
  • Design is complete and subcontractors are being hired

Start date: Winter 2023

  • Construction of new single user restroom in Anderson Student Center
  • Wallcovering replaced in James B. Woulfe Alumni Hall and around the elevators on all floors 

Start Date: February 2022

Estimated Completion Date: May 2023

  • Saint John Vianney College Seminary begins their building expansion in February 2022.
  • Most of the work will be located on the north side of the building near Tommie North.
  • Zeman Construction is the contractor working directly with the SJV team.
  • Lot A will be closed 2/21/22 until the end of the project.
  • Based on Zeman's current staging plan, the sidewalk between SJV and Mennith Hall should remain open for the majority of the project.

SJV Chapel Addition

December 2022 Progress Photo

Estimated start date: Summer 2023

Parking Lot K Improvements

  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Bike parking options
  • Landscape improvements