St. Paul Campus Projects

Estimated completion date: November 2023

Key Construction Activities - September 2022

  • Finishing east CMU structural wall
  • Finishing stair 2 CMU
  • Starting stair 1 CMU
  • Elevator CMU walls in process
  • Installing underground mechanical and electrical
  • Starting chiller work
  • Excavation for utility tunnel
  • Concrete foundation wall installation
  • Concrete work for tunnels
  • Waterproofing at foundation and tunnels

Project Updates with progress photos

Photos from 08-29-22 by Chief Engineer, David Clysdale

Schoenecker jobsite photo from 08-29-22

Schoenecker jobsite photo from 08-29-22


Construction Management Plan_4-27-22

Phased Site Logistics Plans_4-27-22



Dowling Hall Completion Date: Winter 2021

Brady Hall and Koch Commons Completion Date: Fall 2022

Renovation of Brady and Dowling Halls and Koch Commons

  • Addition of new main west entry
  • Renovation of resident rooms with new finishes
  • Complete renovation of restrooms providing more privacy
  • Addition of single user restroom to each floor
  • Update electrical and mechanical systems for resident rooms and common spaces
  • Provide more open circulation space on first floor and lower level with new finishes
  • Construct student lounges and study areas on resident floors

Dowling Hall West Entry

 Dowling Hall Sunken Lounge

 Brady Hall Kitchen

 Additional Brady-Dowling-Koch Photos 08-30-22

 Dowling Hall Photos   



Start Date: December 2021

Completion Date: August 2022

Summit Classroom Building Renovation - School of Nursing/Social Work

  • Complete renovation
  • School of Social Work will reoccupy and share the space with the new School of Nursing.

 August 2022 Progress Photos




 More SCB August 2022 Photos


Estimated start date: May 2022

Completion date: August 2022

John R. Roach Center for the Liberal Arts Auditorium Renovation

  • Power shades
  • Seating
  • Flooring
  • Wood refinishing

August 2022 - Progress Photo



July 2022 - Progress Photo

JRC Auditorium Progress Photo 07-14-22

June 2022 - Progress Photo

JRC Auditorium

May 2022 - Before Picture

Start Date: June 2022

Completion Date: Fall 2022

Renovation of Binz Refectory for Athletics offices and 2 classrooms.

Start Date: February 2022

Estimated Completion Date: May 2023

  • Saint John Vianney College Seminary begins their building expansion in February 2022.
  • Most of the work will be located on the north side of the building near Tommie North.
  • Zeman Construction is the contractor working directly with the SJV team.
  • Lot A will be closed 2/21/22 until the end of the project.
  • Based on Zeman's current staging plan, the sidewalk between SJV and Mennith Hall should remain open for the majority of the project.

SJV Chapel Addition

August 2022 Progress Photo


Completion date: Fall 2022

  • The Memorial for Deceased Students was funded by the Undergraduate Student Government.
  • The memorial sculpture is located between the Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas and Frey Residence Hall.
  • See this article for more information on the artist who designed the sculpture.

 Glass installed 09/07/22 




Estimated start date: Fall 2022

Parking Lot K Improvements

  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Bike parking options
  • Landscape improvements

Three flooring replacement projects are scheduled in June 2022 within ASC.  Below are the locations and scheduled dates.

Week of June 6 – Partial 2nd Floor Corridor – Main Atrium stair to the View and Restrooms only.  The area should be avoided if possible, but sequencing will occur to allow foot traffic to office spaces, dining, etc.  Expect frequent adjustments in traffic paths through the area.

Week of June 13 – 1st Floor Atrium – carpet area.

June 27th through June 30th   – Woulfe Alumni Hall – North and South.

Flooring Replacement Locations

Estimated Completion Date: Fall 2022

  • Construct new structure in Anderson Parking Facility to house Waste Recovery including a controlled environment for some storage.
  • Construct structure in drive aisle for cart washing station.

Start Date: May 2022

Completion Date: August 2022

Move engineering shops from O'Shaughnessy Science Hall to the Facilities & Design Center 1st Floor.