Resident Students

Resident student parking permits are awarded and sold through a lottery process. Unfortunately, due to space limitations, not every resident student is able to obtain a parking permit. All junior and senior resident students who enter the lottery by the deadline will be allowed to purchase a resident parking permit. A separate lottery will also be held for sophomores who wish to obtain a parking permit.

No resident permits will be allotted for freshmen. Freshmen parking contracts are available to freshmen and will also be awarded through a lottery system.

All resident students who wish to purchase a resident permit must complete and return a lottery form. Lottery forms are available from Parking Services or the St. Paul Public Safety office or you may submit an entry on-line. Information regarding specific lottery deadlines and forms can be found at the Resident Parking Permit Lottery page.

Once your name is drawn for any of the lotteries, you may purchase your permit at the Parking Services office at 2119 Grand Ave., on the corner of Grand Ave. and Finn St. In order to purchase a permit you must provide proof of ownership of the vehicle, give an accurate license plate number and present valid St Thomas picture identification. Resident students may not purchase a permit for a vehicle registered to anyone other
than themselves or their immediate family.

Resident Parking Permit Areas

  • North Campus Resident Permits--R2 North and R3 Parking Garages, beneath Morrison Hall
  • Center Campus Resident Permits--Lot U and Lower Level APF
  • South Campus Resident Permits--Lower Level APF
  • Freshman Resident Contracts--R2 South Parking Garage