Sustainability Living Learning Community

The Sustainability LLC is back for a 4th year. If you are excited to explore topics regarding sustainability, then you should think about the exciting possibility of living and studying in the Sustainability living learning community!

Sustainability LLC students take ENVR 151: Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Solutions, which fulfills the Social Analysis requirement in the core curriculum, is a required course for the new Sustainability minor, and meets requirements toward the Environmental Studies major. This course can also fulfill an Environmental Science elective course with program director permission. In addition, students will receive priority placement in the THEO 101 spring course focused on sustainability from a theological lens. 

Through your ENVR 151 course, you will engage in activities to understand the complexity of key environmental themes and explore sustainable solutions. The course employs case studies, computer mapping exercises, community partners, and some field work to actively examine important environmental issues facing humanity today. 

Outside the classroom you will live on a floor in Dowling Hall or Brady Hall with other first-year students interested in both environmental and social well-being. Your resident assistant will assist you in connecting with other students with similar interests and will coordinate activities and programs for the community. Additionally, you’ll enjoy social activities throughout the Twin Cities with classmates and faculty.

Sustainability LLC students will join with members of the Outdoor Explorers LLC for some shared activities and events. As a Sustainability student – and if your schedule allows – you may also take GEOL 115: Environmental Geology, which fulfills a lab science requirement and meets a second requirement for the new Sustainability minor.