Crisis & Emergencies

If you or a friend are in a crisis situation and experiencing any of the following:

  • unable to stop crying
  • thoughts of hurting yourself or others
  • have not eaten in a few days (not due to illness)
  • have not slept in a few days (not due to illness)
  • unable to go to classes (not due to illness)
  • other reasons causing great distress


You can access a clinician by attending our virtual Urgent Care Counseling Hours (Monday-Friday, 2-4 pm. Clinicians meet virtually with students via Zoom. It works with smart phones, laptops and tablets. Call the front desk at 651-962-6750 between 2pm-4pm to be connected.

WHAT to expect:

  • CAPS Urgent Care visits are different from standard individual therapy services and are designed to address a student’s immediate needs.
  • Urgent Care is for urgent and/or emergent situations that need support of an immediate nature.
  • Students complete brief paperwork while waiting for the counselor. This information helps us address immediate and individual needs.
  • During busy times, a student may be asked to wait while the clinician attends to other students.
  • Appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes and are extended as needed.
  • Students seeking letters related to academic accommodations, missing course or assignments, or other forms of documentation should schedule an Initial Consultation Appointment.

Crisis Intervention (wherever you are located): 
Call 651-962-6750, 24 hours a day, from wherever you are located, to receive help in a crisis. Follow menu prompts to talk to someone.

After Hours Care
You can always reach a qualified clinician. After hours (including nights, weekends, holiday breaks and during weather closings), licensed mental health counselors are available for crisis. Call 651-962-6750 and choose OPTION 4 to be immediately connected to a counselor.