Inspired by Catholic Social Teaching, the Office of Community Engagement at the University of St. Thomas focuses on course-based community engagement. Our Office supports the design, implementation, and evaluation of courses that use collaborative strategies of engagement to advance the common good.

Faculty design their courses after developing partnerships with non-profit organizations, schools, or government agencies in order to provide a learning experience for the students grounded in the real world. St. Thomas students undertake a project for the partnering organization related to their discipline of study. Community partners become co-educators with our faculty—all with the goal of advancing the common good through the education of St. Thomas students.

Our vision is to create partnerships to respond to the region's most pressing needs. These include ensuring equitable access to education, dismantling racism, promoting women's equality, improving public health, alleviating poverty and hunger, establishing food security, securing environmental sustainability, advancing justice and peace, fostering interreligious understanding, and caring for elders and people with disabilities.

Course-based engagement is a key way St. Thomas demonstrates it is "all for the common good."

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