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Academic Opportunities

Academic opportunities for community engagement, volunteering, and service-learning through the University of St. Thomas.

We integrate community engagement into academic life at the University of St. Thomas. Whether through a community-engaged course or on-site research with a non-profit organization, it’s our goal to foster an environment where communities come together to build sustainable relationships and advance the common good.

Community-Engaged Courses

Through community-engaged courses, students have the opportunity to contribute to a community-based organization by engaging in a community partner-identified project or other collaborative activity, or by spending time volunteering on-site.

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Our faculty are active researchers who engage their students in relevant studies within local and global communities and explore how to make service-learning opportunities more collaborative and effective.

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Grants, Scholarships, and Awards

We connect students and faculty with grants and scholarship funding to support their work in the areas of positive social change and community engagement.

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