We know that you have come from great distances to attend the University of St. Thomas and we want to ensure that your time here goes as smoothly as possible. For this reason, this page is dedicated to all the out of state students with the goal of answering some of the questions you might have during your time at the St. Thomas. Feel free to look around and bookmark this resource for future use.

Getting Involved at St.Thomas

Many students worry about making friends their first semester of college. One thing to keep in mind is that almost everyone is worried, but with the right resources, you can lessen those worries. St. Thomas offers many opportunities for you to get involved, meet new people and make new friends. There are many clubs and organizations to get involved with as well as different athletic teams, whether it be at the varsity level or club/intramural level. Start by using the resources below, find something that interests you and attend the first meeting or practice.

  • Explore the many clubs or organizations at St. Thomas through Tommie Link
  • Attend an event that interests you
  • Join a club sport or intramurals
  • Attend an athletic event on campus
  • Attend events in your Residence Hall
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Health and Safety at St. Thomas

St. Thomas has many resources for your health and safety. There are services that help with both physical health and mental health. Health Services is staffed by physicians, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, physical therapists, a dietician and nurses. The services you receive from Health Services will be billed to your insurance company. There is no cost for seeing a counselor on campus through Counseling and Psychological Services. Health Promotion, Resilience and Violence Prevention offers multiple programs throughout the year that help you to develop a healthy lifestyle.

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Exploring the Twin Cities and Minnesota

Using public transportation is one of the easiest and best ways to immerse yourself in the city you now call home. Luckily, there are many options to get around St. Paul and Minneapolis to visit attractions, getting to work, or just to go exploring. You can also check out the St. Thomas shuttle which is free for anyone with a St. Thomas ID. This shuttle will take you to and from the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses.



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Additional Information 

UST Shuttle 


MPLS Campus/St. Paul Campus only 



Use for Students with Student ID 





Parking alternatives including Student Pricing for Metro Transit, Parking options on campus, and other resources. 

Metro Transit 

Bus, Light-rail, Bike Routes 

St. Paul/MPLS and Surrounding Areas 


Create an account, buy a pass, plan and execute route, look up map routes, and learn more about going green in the Metro Area. 

Nice Ride 

Bike Rentals 

St. Paul/MPLS 


Rent for any amount of time, or become a member to get discounts 

Jefferson Lines 

Travel Bus 

Midwest area 


Take a bus trip to anywhere in the Midwest.  



Nation Wide 


Take a train ride to anywhere in the United States. 

Financial Resources at St.Thomas

Managing finances and paying tuition is a concern for most students. St. Thomas has resources to help you with those: financial aid, scholarships, and on-campus student jobs. There are many places on campus for students to work. An on-campus job is great to have while in college because your employeer will be flexible with your class schedule and knows that your first priority is being a student.

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Ever Changing Weather

The best way to dress in Minnesota is in layers. The weather can be hot one minute, and raining the next. It could blizzard one day and be sweltering hot a few days later. Check out these websites to learn more about Minnesota weather and how to dress: 

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You might be wondering how you can vote while living at St Thomas. Please visit our #TommiesVote website to learn information on all of our options for voting, upcoming events, candidate information and local, regional and national political news.

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