Clubs and organizations are an integral part of student life at St. Thomas. They exist to provide you with an opportunity to continue your education outside of the classroom. Choosing to be involved is a great way to enhance social, interpersonal, problem solving and many other important skills. With approximately 140 clubs and organizations you are bound to find some groups which meet your interest.  

Tommie Link is the new club management software for St. Thomas.  Watch this video explanation for a brief overview of Tommie Link.

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Tommie Link

An organization is a formal group of people with one or more shared goals. For recognition purposes, a club/organization must be comprised of at least ten University of St. Thomas students, have a stated purpose, constitution, and comply with university policies and procedures including those outlined in the Clubs & Organizations Handbook (Revised 7-9-19)‌, USG Constitution and the Undergraduate Student Policies.

Check out the quick links section below for helpful information:

Liability Form 2018/19Travel and Transportation Policy (from the Club and Organization Handbook)

1. All student clubs must register their off-campus events and activities (including overnight trips) sponsored by the club with the Department of Campus Life by filling out the on-line registration form found below.

2. All club members participating in off-campus travel must also fill out a liability waiver and submit to Campus Life prior to leaving campus (standalone form available below, all members listed in the on-line registration form will be emailed a link to the form with instructions to drop off liability waivers to Campus Life in ASC 325). Campus Life staff will help club leaders in determining which forms must be completed and how to make arrangements using university-preferred vendors.

3. All attendees at club-sponsored events off-campus must abide by all University of St. Thomas policies and guidelines throughout the duration of the event as if they were on-campus, including but not limited to the Student Code of Conduct and the Policy on Alcohol and Drugs.

4. Use of alcohol is prohibited at any club events on or off-campus.

Travel services are provided to UST clubs and organizations via preferred vendors. To access this vendor information, see Purchasing then click on “Find a Vendor.” You will need to log in with your UST username and password. Please also refer to the Policy for Off-Campus Travel for further information.