Sociology BA

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Majors will understand how sociology explains social reality, by applying the sociological perspective and sociological concepts to social life and society.

  2. Majors will understand the basic methods for collecting and analyzing data in the social sciences, such that they are able to design a study and use a standard computerized statistical package to analyze data.

  3. Majors will understand the importance of theory in sociology, including defining and applying theoretical concepts.

  4. Majors will understand key concepts in the discipline, such as culture, social construction of reality, social change, social control, socialization, stratification, social structure, institutions, and differentiations by race/ethnicity, gender, age, and class.

  5. Majors will understand how culture and social structure operate, including the roles and impacts of institutions, social change, power, wealth, social policy, and historical/ global variance.

  6. Majors will understand the relationships between individuals and society, by explaining the sociological development of self, the impact of social structures on individual behavior and development, and the impact of the self and social interaction on society and social structures.

  7. Majors will understand the diversity and stratification of American society and the significance of race, class, gender, and age differences.

  8. Students will use sociological lenses to explore social issues and develop the skills necessary to be competent, ethical, and civically engaged professionals who serve their communities to advance the common good.