Tommie advantage

Tommie Advantage is a campuswide initiative that brings an intentional focus on student learning outside of the classroom.  Students who engage with Tommie Advantage will encounter experiences that touch on five different learning goals:

Group of students reflecting


Students will engage in deep self-exploration of their faith and values and will experiment with self-expression as a means of discerning their vocation. Students will be “encouraged to use their talents and skills creatively” (Francis, 2019) in their vocational discernment process, which involves examining how strengths, values and passions intersect with the needs of the world.

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Students connecting at the fall activities fair


Students will learn about their connections with other individuals and communities and learn to listen with empathy, develop strategies for navigating conflict and build relationships based on mutual respect and accountability.

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students collaborating with community members.

Embracing Our Differences

Students will learn about their social identities in relation to those different from themselves. Aligned with Catholic social teaching’s call for peace and justice, students will learn about systems of power, privilege and oppression, develop skills to communicate effectively across diverse perspectives and create more equity in their communities.

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Practicing Holistic Well-Being

Students will develop knowledge and skills that support their holistic well-being. Holistic well-being is a state of flourishing that allows the whole person and the community the ability to grow, mindfully balance, and thrive in all dimensions of well-being. Students will engage in personal changemaking by exploring and employing practices that foster holistic well-being and will demonstrate proficiency in applying these practices in their lives.

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Students participating in community clean-up

Acting Wisely

Students will learn to take wise action while collaborating with others to make positive contributions to their communities. Aligned with our institutional priority to educate students on changemaking, students will develop an understanding of their impact on others and communities and will work to develop reciprocal relationships informed by community values. 

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