St. Thomas Joins Eduroam

August 2, 2016 / By: Information Technology Services
Logo graphic of eduroam

Information Technology Services (ITS) is thrilled to announce that St. Thomas has joined the eduroam network of internet providers at higher ed institutions. Eduroam(education roaming) is a secure service that allows students, faculty, and staff to obtain internet connectivity when visiting other participating institutions across the U.S. and over 70 territories worldwide. 

Prior to joining the eduroam network, Tommies who visited other universities or traveled abroad were limited in accessing the campus internet which was often restricted only to members of that university. Some institutions provide a wireless network for guests, but is not a guaranteed service.

By participating in the eduroam program, St. Thomas members can gain secure, instant internet access while on the campus of eduroam institutions in Minnesota, the U.S. and the globe. University members are still encouraged to connect to the UST wi-fi network when they are on the St. Thomas campus in order to receive full access to university resources through an encrypted connection. 

How it works

When a St. Thomas member visits the campus of another eduroam participating university (eg. University of Minnesota, MIT, etc.),  they will be able to select eduroam from a list of available wi-fi networks and login using their St. Thomas username and password. 

Likewise, visitors to St. Thomas who have eduroam accounts with their home universities can use our campus wi-fi through an encyrpted connection. When selecting a wi-fi to connect to, visitors simply select the eduroam wi-fi network and login using their username and password from their home institution. While the current UST-Open network provides all visitors to campus with internet access, the eduroam network will offer a secure connection to those in the eduroam consortium. 

Participating locations

A map of international eduroam institutions and a full list of participating U.S. institutions are available on the eduroam website.