The Digital Transformation of St. Thomas

The “Digital Transformation of St. Thomas,” is built on five foundational pillars that will establish St. Thomas as a digitally-enabled, 21st-century higher education institution. By transforming customer experiences, building effective partnerships, utilizing smart technologies, and reinvigorating our infrastructure, we will have the tools we need to develop sustainable, data-driven, digital strategies with our campus partners.



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Customer Experience: "Engage"
We provide best-in-class digital and online experiences for our community.

We gather and analyze metrics as well as evaluate use of St. Thomas systems, applications, and screens to improve processes and usability.  We create a culture of empathy, focused on earning loyalty through positive moments of service interaction.

Customer Experience Goals

  • We lead the Customer Experience Council that improves customer-facing processes.
    • Metrics, including satisfaction with the Tech Desk, post project review, satisfaction surveys, focus groups and individual meetings, are gathered and analyzed to truly understand the customer experience.
    • We create insight into our customer’s experience through the use of journey mapping to identify opportunities to improve and enhance service.
    • We continuously improve online engagement.
    • We provide new options for self-service access to resources.
  • We provide personalized and dynamic communication as well as collaboration through design and implementation of the OneStThomas Intranet in partnership with University stakeholders.
  • We enhance the university's digital reputation by developing online resources and websites that are vibrant, mobile-friendly, accessible, and easy to use.

Partnerships: "Connect"
We foster sustainable partnerships and digital ecosystems that give St. Thomas new strategic capabilities.

We build frameworks and processes that propel and adapt to the changing digital landscape of higher education.

Partnerships Goals

  • We partner with Academic Affairs to shape the future of teaching and learning at the University.
  • We work alongside academic departments to create robust, meaningful online degrees and certificates.
  • We work alongside faculty to increase the smart use of technology in teaching and learning across the University.
  • We work alongside Student Services* to create scalable online support services for students.
  • We provide physical space for faculty to collaborate, experiment and stretch in their teaching.
  • We explore and promote new instructional strategies, such as competency-based learning.
  • We provide research computing support including assistance with grant preparation, technology selection, and federal data compliance.
  • We partner with academic departments to create non-credit online learning experiences that utilize digital badges and other new forms of credentialing.  

We align technology needs with University processes.

  • We partner with University departments to create 3-year strategic technology roadmaps, syncing like requests, and using IT governance to prioritize work.
  • We support Salesforce Constituent Relationship Management software to manage student engagement across the student lifecycle from recruitment through retention.
  • We work alongside the university's Marketing, Insights and Communications (MIC)to develop a comprehensive strategy for advertising the University's evolving online identity and for expanding our impact across Minnesota, the midwest, and the country.

We work with external partners to bring new opportunities and capabilities to the university.

  • We collaborate with peer institutions to develop comprehensive shared roadmaps and strategies
  • We partner with vendors to create mutually beneficial outcomes and showcase the latest technology trends.
  • We pursue grants and other funding opportunities to maximize resources for the campus.
  • We engage with the larger academic community and share ideas, strategies, and results through publications and presentations.

Smart Technologies: "Sense"
We employ responsive and aware technologies to create valuable interactions and connections.

We provide customized information and updates using user-volunteered data and devices that increase campus engagement, enhance student success, and promote the strategic priorities of the university.

Smart Technologies Goals

  • We enhance student engagement and success through personalized alerts and information including location-aware offerings, meal plans, grades, events, reminders, and news.
  • We provide a seamless customer experience across devices and platforms.
  • We offer the community new capabilities through their devices while protecting personal data and ensuring security.
  • We explore the development of personalized learning experiences for our students.

Core I.T.: "Run"
We provide resilient, flexible, agile, and secure infrastructure and security.

We provide flexible, scalable, and reliable core services as the backbone of our IT enterprise. We work with our colleagues and partners to create an infrastructure environment that leverages state of the art technologies regardless of where or how they are sourced.

Core I.T. Goals

  • We implement a “cloud first” infrastructure strategy that provides resilient, scalable, and flexible solutions for the campus, and maximize efficient use of our IT staff and resources.
  • We evaluate, plan and implement a set of next generation enterprise systems designed to support the university mission, meeting users where they are, enabled for mobility, and ease of use.
  • We establish an effective security foundation to help St. Thomas address the security threats of today and tomorrow.
  • We develop and implement updated Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) plan. These plans are developed in partnership with the community to ensure that IT resources have the appropriate level of resilience, preparedness, and risk mitigation.

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Digital Strategy Development: "Decide"
We provide data, vital skills and technology leadership that create new strategic capabilities for the university.

We partner with the university community to provide expertise and guidance for creating a digitally-enabled University of St. Thomas. Working with the community, ITS provides the tools, data, and skills necessary to give university stakeholders the information they need to make key decisions. We incorporate data from services that Engage, Connect, Sense, and Run so that the university can Decide its future.

Digital Strategy Development Goals

  • We generate data to shape institutional strategy.
  • We build skills and capabilities in critical technologies including analytics and machine learning.
  • We develop a career leadership framework that includes functional and behavioral skills with training, coaching, and mentoring opportunities.
  • We utilize cross-functional teams that reflect cognitive and cultural diversity.

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